The RVRC Experience

Our Mission

We are encountering a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty; more individualisation and social diversity; expanding economic and cultural uniformity; degradation of the natural environment; and greater vulnerability and exposure to swift ecological, technological and financial upheavals. These conditions require special attributes that are an interplay of knowledge, capacities and skills, motives and affective dispositions (UNESCO Education 2030, 2017). At RVRC, our mission is to equip students with these attributes for success in their future workplace while providing a platform that brings students together in fellowship, competition and recreation.

Our Values

The RVRC experience is one that instils, at the start of the students’ university experience, values and qualities contributing to their overall development as undergraduates - academically, personally, and professionally – with close and constant engagement with the industry. The living-learning experience is aimed at cultivating students who are intellectually inquisitive, future-ready, and value-centric. Sustainability and environmental stewardship are core values actively fostered at RVRC.

The RVRC Shield

A modern interpretation of the traditional crest and shield, the RVRC shield portrays the opportunities in a young learning community. The RVRC student and residential community are each represented by the leaves, nurtured carefully but with the space to grow. The leaf elements can also be interpreted as outstretched hands symbolising the community spirit within the college as well as the close relationship between RVRC and the Industry. The college colours are purple and green - purple signifies the wealth of knowledge the college hopes to impart to its students and green represents growth, vitality and sustainability.

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