RVRC Year One Modules

The Year One academic curriculum centers on the twin pillars of Sustainability and Workplace Readiness due to their global relevance and local significance. It consists of three compulsory modules ‐ Understanding & Critiquing Sustainability (GEQ1917), Professional & Academic Communication (ES1601), and Workplace Readiness (WR1401). Each of these modules is year-long and runs concurrently, with overlapping learning outcomes for close integration. Teaching for all three modules is primarily conducted in small group sectional teaching to enable closer teacher-learner interaction.

GEQ1917 Understanding & Critiquing Sustainability (GEQ Pillar, 4MC)

This module provides an overview of the principles and practices of sustainability from different disciplinary perspectives - engineering, social sciences, built environment, and the sciences. Through inquiry, exploration, application, project work and mentorship by industry leaders, students learn to think critically and ask questions. Students also develop change agent capacity through their ability to implement and test solutions for sustainability challenges. To allow for diversity of perspectives, each project team consists of students from different faculties/schools. The module ends with the Action for Sustainability Symposium, a college administered networking opportunity with Industry partners.

ES1601 Professional & Academic Communication (Communication, 4MC)

This module situates communication in different contexts, so that students learn to shape, articulate and express their ideas, depending on the audience, purpose, media and platform. Students enhance their understanding of the basic principles, language and skills of professional communication, recognise nuances in organisational and interpersonal communication and apply these principles. Secondly, students explore academic communication so that they become familiar with and are able to apply the language, rhetoric and general conventions of academic writing and oral presentations. Students also develop critical reflection skills namely analysing, evaluating and responding critically to issues and ideas. This is largely a skills-based module and the focus is on practicing the target skills and demonstrating an awareness of the various communication concepts.

WR1401 Workplace Readiness (RVRC requirement, 0MC)

This module aims to enhance students’ personal and interpersonal effectiveness, communication as well as leadership qualities. These attributes are developed through facilitated seminars, sustained team and individual sports activities, career readiness workshops and camps. The module also addresses the need for students to learn core behavioural strategies and develop healthy mindsets that will allow them to focus, thrive and respond with agility amidst an environment of rapid change and disruption. This is achieved by investigating and demystifying future-ready skills and providing students practical techniques based on the latest research in psychology and leadership, so that they may maximise their potential in their academic journey, life and career. This is not a credit-bearing module but is compulsory for all Year One RVRC students.

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