RVRC Modules

Each Year One student enrolled in the RVRC programme will be required to read the following three modules. They are taught year-long, across two semesters.

GEM1917 - Understanding And Critiquing Sustainability (Cohort AY2014/2015)
GEQ1917 - Understanding And Critiquing Sustainability (Cohort AY2015/2016 onwards)

The inter-disciplinary module provides an overview of the principles and practices of sustainability from five disciplines and perspectives – engineering, social sciences, design and environment, computing, and the sciences. Through application, project work, dialogues/conversations with industry leaders, attachment opportunities, as well as mentorship involving academic advisors and industry players, students emerge out of theoretical cocoons to appreciate real world complexities.

To enhance diversity of perspectives, each project team draws students from RVRC's many Faculties/Schools which also builds each student's peer network.

ES1601 - Professional and Academic Communication

The writing and communication module complements GEM1917/GEQ1917 by helping students to articulate and express their ideas and thoughts effectively in written and spoken contexts, in academic as well as in professional communication genres. Skills are built in line with the nature and type of writing and communication that students require in fulfilling the tasks and projects of the inter-disciplinary and workplace readiness module.

These are transferable skills applicable to different contexts students may encounter at the University and beyond.

WR1401 - Workplace Readiness

Workplace readiness comprises a fundamental set of skills expected by employers across a wide spectrum of jobs. It is critical that graduates are prepared for employability with this toolkit of knowledge and skills. This includes social adeptness, which is critical not only for workplace effectiveness but for each individual's well being too. WR1401 addresses this area of student development by examining and fostering emotional intelligence by enhancing soft skills such as attitude, communication, personal, interpersonal and team effectiveness.

The WR1401 learning environment utlilises a unique combination of team and individual sports, experiential learning and reflective small group discussions. WR1401 is not a credit bearing module but a compulsory requirement for RVRC students.

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