Application Process


From AY2017/2018, admission to the Ridge View Residential Programme is for TWO YEARS. Candidates need to submit their applications highlighting their specific interest in the college. The students would also need to demonstrate individual motivation aligned with the mission of the college and the willingness to participate and successfully complete all components of the RVRC Program. Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

RVRC students who successfully complete the Year One Programme are automatically eligible to begin the Year Two Programme. Limited non-RVRC students may also be admitted directly to the RVRC Year Two Programme without having participated in the Year 1 Programme. Interested candidates will need to submit their applications to RVRC and only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed. The students would need to demonstrate strong personal motivation aligned with the college values and the willingness to actively participate and complete the diverse Year Two Forums.

Eligibility for the Programme

RVRC welcomes Year One students who have been offered admission to NUS at our partner Faculties/Schools:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Science
  • NUS Business School
  • School of Computing
  • School of Design and Environment

Students from other Faculties/Schools will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis, with consideration for their ability to fulfill the RVRC Programme requirements.

How To Apply

Applications for AY2017/2018 will open from 15 May (0830H) to 05 June (2359H). Please check this website regularly for updates. Students interested in the Ridge View Residential Programme may apply through the Joint RC Application System here.

As part of the application procedure, students will be asked to submit an essay and attend an interview. The interview session will allow us to get to know you better and for you to find out more about the College. We welcome individuals from different cultural backgrounds, varied interests and talents to join us.

Please note that:

  • Admission is contingent upon your acceptance of an offer to study in NUS.
  • The meal plan is compulsory for all students admitted to the College.
  • For students who are successful in their application and have been offered admission to the College. You will be required to complete room registration via the Office of Student Affairs’ University Management System (UHMS) here.

For more information on our room rates, please click here.

For queries on admissions to RVRC, please send us an email at


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