Financial Aid

The following Financial Aid Schemes are available at the College and University Level to undergraduate students residing in RVRC and reading the RVRC progamme, i.e. RVRC students.

College Level Financial Aid Schemes

The following financial aid initiatives are available to RVRC students, to help defray the cost of staying and studying at RVRC:

  1. The RVRC scholarship
  2. The NUS Alumni Bursary @ Residential Colleges
  3. The College Grant

Applications are now open for AY2017/2018. Please click here to apply by 15 June 2017. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews at RVRC in June and July 2017.

University Level Financial Aid Schemes

  1. Residential Programme Bursaries (RPB) – RVRC students who are not successful for the College Level Financial Aid Scheme will be considered for RPB. Please refer to this webpage.
  2. Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) – RVRC students who are Singapore citizens can also apply to the PSEA Scheme for compulsory College fees (i. e. accommodation and meal plans). Please refer to this webpage.

Important Points to Note

  • For full-time undergraduate students, applications for NUS financial aid should be made as soon as possible through the Office of Financial Aid portal, after your application for admission to NUS.
  • Once a financial aid application is submitted, applicants will also be automatically considered for all other NUS bursaries, where eligible.
  • If you are offered a bursary/scholarship by both the OFA/Faculty and RVRC, you will be informed if the awards can be held concurrently. If not, the award with the lower quantum will be automatically withdrawn.
  • For general enquiries on university level financial aid, please call 6516 2870 or submit a query to the Office of Admissions.
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