Ridge View Residential College (RVRC) was formally established in April 2014 as the first Residential College at the main Kent Ridge campus at the National University of Singapore (NUS). RVRC accepted its pioneer batch of Year One students in August 2014, along with 14 peer mentors (known as student fellows from Academic Year 2015/2016 onwards) to help the Year One students on their transitional journey as undergraduates.

Located in the heart of the main Kent Ridge campus, RVRC has the distinct privilege of being the only residential college that is situated outside University Town. The site has a rich heritage as it was the former location for Kent Ridge Hall (which has moved to Heng Mui Keng Terrace) until November 2002. A tower block was subsequently added in 2006 and the entire complex was renamed Ridge View Residences, offering both local and international students accommodation on campus.

RVRC is grounded on the increasingly recognized concept of living-learning programmes which perceives a strong living-learning programme as the cornerstone in enhancing student experience and thereafter affinity with the University. The RVRC value proposition and programme, in particular, were conceptualized to address the need of building a solid foundation for students in their academic pursuits as well as to cultivate in them qualities appreciated by today’s workplace. This is done through its three core modules that are carefully integrated for students’ holistic development – academic, social and personal.

The first batch of RVRC students moved into the Tower Block at the start of Academic Year 2014/2015. The second batch of students in Academic Year 2015/2016 began their RVRC programme living in the low rise wing, know fondly as OKR or Old Kent Ridge. Construction has begun in November 2015, to build a new Annex that will house the College’s administrative offices, a multiple-purpose hall and the dining hall.

RVRC has begun a new milestone and is constantly evolving and writing new pages of its history. These are exciting times as the College moves ahead to its future.

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