Industry Engagement

In Year One, students are introduced and exposed to different types of industry so that they can better explore, appreciate and prepare for the demands of their future workplace. In Year Two, students will take ownership to continue this engagement within a flexible learning framework that allows them to shape their interactions in a personalised format. To this end, RVRC continues to build a strong network and maintains sustained communication with industry with the continuing assistance of the Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES) and NUS faculties.

RVRC students have multiple opportunities to engage industry over their two year residency. The first exposure is through the industrial mentorship built into the Year One compulsory sustainability module - GEQ1917. Students’ inter-disciplinary teams embark on a year-long project, many of which require industrial insight. Students may need to consult industry partners to ideate, structure and implement project ideas.

Students are also exposed through the RVRC Dialogue and Industry Visits (DIV). All Year One students attend at least one Dialogue and one Industry Visit as part of the requirements of completing the RVRC Year One Programme. This engagement leads to further opportunities at the initiative of the student.

Year Two students are provided a flexible structure. As the year two curriculum is focused on experiential learning in shorter and more concentrated deliveries, a wider breadth of industry players would be engaged. To promote personal development of RVRC students, they would also be encouraged to identify and establish contact with suitable Industry mentors on their own, to cater to their specific short-term mentorship needs.

RVRC Dialogue and Industry Visits (DIV) Series

RVRC Dialogue and Industry Visits (DIV) provides students with opportunities and critical resources for their professional development. Through the RVRC-DIV, students have the opportunity to interact directly with leading industry players, network and learn about the nature of business of respective organisations, as well as internship and career opportunities.

The Dialogues are held at the college in the evenings in an informal setting, providing students with opportunities to engage Industry thought leaders on thought provoking agendas in wide ranging discussions about professional and personal development to better shape their university years.

The Industry visits are organised in collaborative effort with diverse industry agencies to suit the needs of students from all six faculties. These focused conference-style sharing sessions with industry partners help students learn about their core business areas, new projects and key initiatives, and future directions. Some of the industries visited include Hyflux Limited, KeppelLand, Land Transport Authority, SingTel and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

These industry-focused opportunities made available to all RVRC students facilitate their deeper understanding of different industries and provide them with a head start in preparing for the workplace. Consequently, they pave the way for a smooth and productive post-RVRC internship or industrial attachment experience for both the students and the industry partners.

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