Interest Groups

Student-Driven Interest Groups

At RVRC, we take a ‘grounds up’ approach to student interest groups. We believe that this is the perfect opportunity to not just help our students further their interests in a particular area but also to equip them with the life skills that can be transferred to their future workplace experience.

Likeminded students have come together to form several interest groups within the College. They include:

  • Sports
  • Music (including singing)
  • Community Service
  • Food

Our resourceful pioneer batch of students from the music interest group had their debut public performance at Starbucks@ Yusof Ishak House in October 2014. It drew an audience not only within but also beyond RVRC.

We believe that everyone has a hidden talent, waiting to be unleashed. Being part of an IG is the perfect opportunity for students to showcase their talents. We also would like students to explore interests that they have not had the chance or time to do. Participating in an IG is a way to experience and pursue these interests.

Our Student Life team will be excited to hear from students new ideas they have. All it takes is a simple proposal to the team.

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