Master's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to Ridge View Residential College and to the larger NUS family, as you embark on what I hope will be an extraordinarily valuable set of experiences of living-learning on campus.

Since its inception, I have been frequently asked what defines an RVRC student and I want to share with you my three key expectations. The first is that you strive to be engaged and committed. This is expected of you across the academic, co-academic and student life components, to ensure that you are able to maximize your potential for personal growth that the college offers its residents. My second expectation builds upon the first, that you should be prepared to venture out of your comfort zone. Be honest with yourself and learn to distinguish between things you are very good at doing and things you like to do but do not do especially well. This distinction is critical to finding rewarding professional work in competitive job markets after you graduate from NUS. My third but most important expectation is that you be prepared to experience and manage failure. Building resilience to learn from failure will set you on a self-guided path of lifelong learning.

At RVRC, we will provide you a structured and safe environment for living-learning and enable you to define, develop and display your individual form of excellence. I wish you a great start to your academic and personal learning journey at NUS and hope you have a wonderful year with us!

College Master
Professor Adekunle Adeyeye

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