Programme Overview

Unique Integrated Curriculum

The key to the unique RVRC integrated curriculum is the value of interconnectivity between knowledge building and the role of interaction and conversations within the learning community. At RVRC, co‐academic activities are well integrated and inter‐connected to become the catalyst for strategic learning outcomes beyond the classroom. This integrated approach provides not only relevance and purpose but also meaning and motivation to learning. Essentially, the RVRC program aims to cultivate students’ holistic development, in particular, intellectual inquiry, endurance, social, personal and interpersonal competence, as well as confidence and agility for the workplace.

Academic Activities

The Year Two curriculum will form a logical and gradual continuation of the previous One Year curriculum, with a greater emphasis on experiential learning and outdoor experiences. Year One is a fairly structured teaching-learning experience focused on the twin pillars of Sustainability and Workplace Readiness. Students read three compulsory modules in their first year, along with participation in Co-academic activities and mandatory college activities. Year Two provides an experiential learning platform centered on the themes of Resilience, Respect and Reflection in a non-modular and flexible format, allowing students to customize their individual learning experience.

Co-academic Activities

While intellectual pursuits are facilitated through formal curriculum, students are expected to engage in several mandatory as well as optional co-academic activities, as follows:

• College-planned Activities - Purposefully conceptualized activities such as Dialogues, Industry Visit, College Camp, nature trail exploration, heritage walks and community service projects help students make connections to the lessons learned in the classroom. These activities also instill and cultivate in students the values of inclusivity, cultural sensitivity and social awareness.

• Student-led Activities - Talent and leadership skills are nurtured and enhanced through different platforms, to enable the creation of a residential community that students can proudly identify with. One key avenue for this is via the Interest Groups where students with similar interests such as sports, music and the arts form cohesive units that initiate and execute student life events.

Graduation Requirements

The satisfactory completion of the three mandatory Year One modules (GEQ1917, ES1601 & WR1401) will count towards students’ fulfilment of two of the University Level Requirements. Each student must also complete all mandatory co-academic requirements, including but not limited to participating in the RVRC Coastal Cleanup, Dialogue and Industry Visit (at least 1 each) and CIP activities during Year One to satisfy the RVRC requirement and the award of the RVRC Year One Completion Certificate.

Satisfactory completion of three forums, one from each category (Respect, Reflection and Resilience), and a self-designed industry engagement activity will count towards students’ fulfilment of the RVRC Year Two Completion Certificate.

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