Student Reflections

My RVRC Experience

“If you made the right choices, University would be the halcyon days of your life. Especially if you are living on campus. I chose to stay in and contribute to RVRC, one of the best decisions in my life. Facilities are literally brand new as the college itself is new. The management team believes in supporting its students fully without reservations, as long as the students themselves give it their all. This is where I discovered my passion, like-minded people, and my direction in life. Thank you, RVRC.”

Ho Jin Xuan,
Year 4, Faculty of Engineering (Chemical Engineering),
RVRC Pioneer Batch (AY2014/2015),
Master's List (AY2015/2016,AY2016/2017 and AY2017/2018)

“The Ridge View Residential College programme has provided an excellent opportunity to realise novel ideas into a concrete project with structural guidance. I was intellectually challenged to propose and work on significant, influential, yet very feasible plans as a team. This whole experience taught me real and applicable lessons.”

Lee Juho,
Year 4, School of Computing (Information Systems),
RVRC Pioneer Batch (AY2014/2015),
Student Fellow (AY2015/2016),
Resident Assistant (AY2017/2018)

“Life in RVRC is like living in a ‘kampung’: spontaneous friendly sports games to participate in and diverse interest groups to cater for all. Doors are always open and fellow residents can be relied on whenever I have an issue I cannot resolve. I really enjoy the close bond between students and staff.”

I was initially attracted to the RVRC programme by its focus on sustainability. Reading the college module ‘Understanding and Critiquing Sustainability’ was an eye-opener. As a Life Science student, it really complemented my major and provided many opportunities for me to reflect on the key challenges we face in building a sustainable future.

Lesley Chng,
Year 2, Faculty of Science (Life Sciences), AY2015/2016 Student Fellow (AY2016/2017),
Resident Assistant (AY2017/2018)

“While it has been a challenge to balance the heavy workload of architecture school with life within a residential college, it has been a thoroughly worthwhile one. What I appreciated most was the sense of a heartfelt community that has developed within the college, among both the staff and the student body. The RVRC college staff’s passion for the issue of sustainability was evident, and an influential one. Equally enriching was living and working amidst a diverse pool of individuals. The RVRC experience has definitely established a good foundation to continue developing my university education upon.”

Sean Poon,
Year 3, School of Design and Environment (Architecture),
RVRC Pioneer Batch (AY2014/2015),
Student Fellow (AY2015/2016),
Master's List (AY2016/2017, AY2017/2018)
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