RVRC Year Two Forums

The Year Two curriculum is centered on the three interconnected themes of Respect, Reflection and Resilience, taught exclusively through experiential learning. These themes have been carefully chosen as they form a natural progression for Year Two learning due to their relevance and continuity with the themes in Year One. Additionally, through inquiry into issues from different social, political and cultural perspectives, and close engagement with industry, it is envisioned that students become value centric individuals of their living and learning communities.

Experiential Learning implementation The Forums will use a diverse platform for experiential learning and be offered to students throughout the two semesters in short concentrated bursts of teaching/learning spanning two to six weeks each. The time commitment for each forum will be capped at 10 hours. Students will be able to choose one Forum from each basket, depending on their individual choice or learning schedules. Additionally, students will be encouraged to identify and establish contact with suitable Industry mentors on their own, to cater to their specific short-term mentorship needs and for personal development.

Forum on Respect: Students will participate in outdoor interactive learning exercises such as nature walks, heritage trails and community service that will develop and enhance their respect for self, society and the environment.

Forum on Reflection: Students will form small groups to participate in shared intellectual activities such a book clubs, documentary screenings and Speaker series that encourage peer sharing to enable them to link and construct meaning from their own life experiences
and develop a questioning mindset.

Forum on Resilience: Students will participate in collaborative learning activities such as expeditions and treks that will enhance their ability to excel in change. They will also have the opportunity to take leadership in organizing and leading some of these events that will allow them to be resourceful and enterprising.

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